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Shop Fittings

We produce store decoration products for brands and companies that provide services in many fields, such as the world’s leading clothing, electronics, food, and accessories. We meet our customers’ wall system, central system, table, accessories, wooden, and acrylic needs with unique, quality design, and production at affordable prices.

Special surface applications such as antique coating, shiny, matt and black chrome coating, brass coating, anodizing, and powder coating are provided for our products. Please contact us for your particular surface demands.

Wall Systems

Wall shelves, which are frequently used for product display in stores, are produced as metal and wood. Slot systems can be produced as a standard or unique product according to our customer’s request.

Center Units

We produce central display systems such as hangers, rack stands, and island stands, which are frequently used in-store display systems.


We make metal, wooden, marble, and glass tables’ production to be used for product display in the middle of the store.

Wood Products

Wood is preferred for a more natural-looking decoration and can be integrated into the making of other decoration products we produce. Wooden products can be lining, varnishing, or created as MDF and can be designed specifically for our customers’ requests and needs.


Production of acrylic label holders, metal shoe and bag carriers, hangers, and glasses stands used in stores for product display is provided in high quality and produced the most appropriate way.

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