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We produce our high-quality industrial products by focusing not only on the product image but also on how it works, the value it adds, and our customers’ experiences. The products are suitable for use in every sector. Aluminum profiles, sheet metal, and CNC machining, stainless steel, and casting & injection materials are produced with quality design and offered to our customers with affordable prices and fast delivery.

Aluminium Profiles

Long-lasting and durable aluminum extrusion shapes are designed and manufactured in the industrial sector, shop decoration, and other areas. We are offering affordable extrusion moulding at the same time. Depending on the request of our customers, anodized coating and powder coating are carried out. When necessary, they are dispatched after surface applications such as cutting, machining, and welding.

Metal Sheet Working

We make sheet metal working operations such as iron, stainless steel, and brass, such as laser cutting, punching, bending, and different functions used for various purposes in many sectors. The semi-finished products are converted into desired products. Following the request and needs of our customers, we produce stands, cabinets, and similar sheet metal products, and do the surface coating.


Machining products such as iron, brass, copper, and stainless steel are produced in our modern workbenches operating under CNC. Depending on the request of our customers, products are delivered with many different surface treatments.

Stainless Steel

Our company, which has experience in the production of stainless steel, provides the sheet, pipe, profile, and raw materials of all qualities through operations such as cutting, welding, and processing. We also do the surface treatment of the produced products in this process.

Casting & Injection Moulding

We carry out zinc, aluminum, and plastic products’ designs, moldings, and procesing. Our company can deliver the products sandblasted, metal coated, and powder coated according to our customers’ requests and requirements.

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